Optimize your natural referencing

The optimization of natural referencing, allows you to improve the visibility of your website, by positioning it in the first results of search engines. Unlike paid referencing, SEO allows you to optimize your referencing in a sustainable way and not only during the time of a campaign. There are several factors that allow a site to be well referenced on Google.

To help you improve the natural referencing of your site, you must ask yourself the right questions:

The site popularity : popularity of the brand (number of searches on Google), the age of the site (how long has it been online?), the number of sites that point with a link (backlink) to the pages of your site and their trust level.
The technical optimization of the site : Is it easy for a search engine to index your pages regularly? Are the pages fast to load? Are the pages well structured (Title, Description, H1, H2, p,…)? Are the titles (Title) and meta-descriptions really unique? Are the pages secured in SSL / HTTPS? Are the pages displaying correctly on mobile? Are the pages properly linked together (internal links)?
The content of the site : Are the pages of good quality from an editorial point of view (semantic fields, journalistic style, spelling)? Do the pages answer popular questions that Internet users may ask themselves (singular terms, infinitive verb, good plan, comparison, etc.)? Is the site legitimate to deal with such and such a theme? Are there pages positioning themselves on the “long tail”?